Candleholders / Accessories

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Ø 18,6 cm ( 7,32 inch )


22,8 cm ( 8,97 inch )

Please note

A naked flame should never be left in a draft or near flammable objects. Never leave a burning candle or place it within reach of children. Candles should always be extinguished before they reach the holder. Always ensure candles are placed on a surface that can withstand the heat from the candle.



Not approved for dishwasher. Not approved for oven. Not approved for microwave.

Designed by Granstudio


Growth series

Growth is made from two different types of tempered glass and is designed to serve several purposes. A simple movement enables you to change Growth’s functionality – from a beautiful lantern to a showcase for your favourite flowers. Small holes in the top ensure your plants won’t die, while the original and useful design attracts plenty of admiration.


Small holes in the top ensure the plants get air

Made from tempered glass



We are Granstudio and we make designs that are affordable but still have the special touch that make them interesting. We are inspired from whatever we see and wherever we go, and we always try to integrate small details that either give the products a special functionality or make you smile… We take social responsibility in both our internal and external work as we believe the customer should feel confident about our products.

5 years